Video: Barack Obama on Meet the Press

Here is Obama’s entire interview with Tim Russert this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press:

Some reaction from the Baltimore Sun:

DES MOINES: In a national television interview today where he was forced to address some of the less savory moments of his political history, Sen. Barack Obama said it would be more difficult for his top Democratic nomination challenger to win a general election.

Appearing for a 45-minute interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, Obama was asked about his past relationship with an indicted Chicago developer, access to records from his time as a state lawmaker and statements his wife has made about just how important a win is for him in Iowa.

Moderator Tim Russert also asked him whether he believes Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York could win a general election against a Republican opponent.

Generally mixed reviews.


Here’s a quite critical review from

But what a difference eight hours can make. The next morning, Obama appeared for a full-hour interview in another arena of political combat, facing off against Tim Russert on “Meet the Press.” The fiery Obama of Saturday night had been replaced on Sunday morning by a replicant, a tepid candidate mostly concerned with avoiding mistakes rather than winning converts. Early in the interview, Russert ran a clip from Saturday night’s speech and challenged Obama to identify precisely who was “talking and acting and voting like George Bush Republicans.” This was Obama’s moment of decision — either up the ante by calling out Hillary, or fold.

There are many potential uses for the answer that emerged from Obama’s mouth. It could, for example, be reprinted as a recipe on the back of a box of pablum. It might sound nice sung in a Tiny Tim falsetto to the tune of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” But in political terms, Obama’s answer was useless, since it would never convince anyone to vote against the Democratic front-runner.

That has been Obama’s problem throughout the campaign season. He just can’t go far enough with what he really wants to say about Hillary. I’m guessing he is still pondering the possibility of a vice president slot assuming Hillary wins the nomination.


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