McCain taking advantage of Kerik’s ties to Giuliani

The window has opened, and don’t think for a second McCain’s not taking the opportunity:

CONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) — Bernard Kerik did an irresponsible job training police in Iraq, presidential contender John McCain said Friday, adding to criticism of Kerik as Rudy Giuliani’s former police commissioner surrendered to face charges in New York.

McCain cited Kerik’s relationship with his Republican presidential foe as a reason to doubt Giuliani’s judgment.

McCain, a Republican senator from Arizona, pointed to Kerik’s performance in Iraq, along with complaints about how Giuliani treated fire fighters and police who were among the first responders after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, as reasons why the former mayor’s presidential campaign should deserve greater scrutiny from voters.

Is this fair criticism? I’m not sure yet. If Giuliani was aware that Kerik had some unsavory dealings, then yes, McCain is right to call him on it. I guess it all depends on how close Giuliani was to this whole mess.

This could be McCain’s last chance to garner wider support and reclaim a higher spot in the polls.

Another story from AOL News:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican John McCain, climbing in polls but lagging in money, is negotiating a $3 million loan while some of his backers launch an independent advertising effort seemingly at odds with his years of fighting outside influence in campaigns.

The steps under way inside and outside the campaign indicate a degree of urgency as the first nominating contests draw near and as McCain shows signs of resurgence after a dismal spring and summer.

Campaign aides said they hoped to finalize arrangements within days for a line of credit of about $3 million to help pay for expenses as well as for ads, mailings and other means of voter contact. The campaign also is considering taking public matching funds, but some aides fear the attached spending limits could hinder McCain if he does secure the nomination.

Amazingly, McCain has risen in the polls. If you look at the RCP average on the left side of our page, you can see he’s about tied with Fred Thompson nationally. Whether these outside ads will help him more, only time will tell. I know people have short memories but if they think just a few months back, McCain was being shunned by Republicans for his views on the Ted Kennedy amnesty legislation among other things.

Question, who will McCain’s criticism of Giuliani help more?