Taking On The Ron Paul Online Conglomerate

I stumbled on this post from the Blogrush widget on the right side of our site. It’s called “Ron Paul’s Campaign Being Squashed by Big Media?” from Hear ItFrom.Us.

After reading it, I felt the need to respond here with some analysis and commentary.

From the post:

I was reading this article on ABC.com about Ron Paul’s success in the post debate polls and was pretty disgusted by the article in general. Then there are the absolutely ridiculous statements like this:

Since online polls aren’t scientific — people choose to take them, and many people vote multiple times — doing well in them doesn’t necessarily mean a campaign is on the move.

This statement paint ABC into a corner. If this statement is correct, the multi-billion dollar conglomerate that is Disney (ABC’s parent company) is so technically inept that they can’t conduct an online poll without stopping people from voting several times. Even simple, freely available poll software can handle this. Surely, someone at ABC can handle this. If not, I’ll be forwarding my resume ASAP.

If I might offer my opinion on this matter. Here’s a crazy possibility, perhaps all the Ron Paul sites are driving his supporters to flood these polls as many times as possible in order to greatly inflate the results? I’m not saying for sure this is happening, but it’s happening.

More from the post:

But maybe that’s not what happened at all. Maybe only Ron Paul’s rabid supporters were the only ones who chose to participate. Does that mean that ABC.com is so insignificant and out of touch with the mainstream that only fringe crackpots like Paul supporters want to participate in their poll? I don’t thinks so.

Actually, that is exactly what it means. Have you ever seen dopey online polls from various news websites? They don’t usually have too many participants. Therefore, it’s very easy to flood the site with Ron Paul votes. Ron Paul’s rabid supporters are indeed the only ones who bother to organize and flood almost every online, cell phone, and other kind of non-scientific, meaningless poll.

More from the post:

The other possibility is that this statement is simply not true. But then, why would a big media company want to publish an untrue statement like this? I mean, it’s not like huge corporations have something to gain by making sure that one of the big government Republicrats gets elected, right?


It’s not the media holding Ron Paul back, get over it people. He’s a minor candidate with an oddly large online following.

There is no media conglomerate holding back his support in every single meaningful poll released! Where are his supporters in the scientific polls? They aren’t there because his support is actually quite infinitesimally small.

He isn’t the second coming, he’s just a lower tier candidate with the most web traffic. There’s no conspiracy, no organized attempt to quell him, just the simple fact that he’s not that popular with actual voters. I certainly haven’t shut him up, I’ve been overly generous uploading video of him and covering his campaign like the rest.

Furthermore, ABC probably deleted the comments because they consisted of “RON PAUL OWNZ 2008!”.

Regardless of how much you may love Ron Paul, you can’t force him down everyone’s throat by making him win every non-scientific, non-binding, meaningless poll.

Therefore, I am repudiating the notion that his campaign is being held back by anyone other than Ron Paul himself. He’s not popular with real voters, according to the polls, period.


Whether it’s coming from the Ron Paul campaign or not, someone is criminally using spam to shill for him. Check out this Wired article.