Obama silently moving up in the polls?

Well, maybe a little. This report from FOX News:

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Barack Obama insisted Wednesday that his support in Iowa is broadening and cast doubt on rival Hillary Clinton’s ability to convince voters she can deliver the type of change he says his campaign represents.

With recent polling showing the Democratic presidential candidate catching up to the frontrunner in the early-voting state, Obama is pressing the case that he has the policy proposals and broad appeal to attract voters interested in change.

“There’s no doubt that we represent the kind of change Senator Clinton can’t deliver on. And part of it’s generational,” Obama told FOX News.” Senator Clinton and others have been fighting some of the same fights since the ’60s. It makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done. And I think that’s what people hunger for.”

Hillary’s gaff at the last debate and Obama’s continued positive message might be paying off somewhat:

A Zogby poll of 502 likely voters taken Tuesday showed Obama with 25 percent support, three points behind Clinton. The margin of error was 3 percent.

By contrast, an American Research Group poll taken in Iowa between Oct. 26 and 29 of 600 likely voters put Clinton 10 points ahead of Obama, with 32 percent support. Clinton has lost footing in the polls ever since a debate last week in which she gave unclear answers on her position regarding a New York plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

If I’m the Clinton campaign, Obama is almost too close for comfort in Iowa. RCP still has her up by 6.4 points on average. However, he is nipping at her heels.

Still though, she’ll be the nominee but she might have to work a little harder for it. People like Obama, and I think Democrats who may be uncertain about Hillary are looking for reasons to support him.