Election Day 2007 Produces No Clear Signals for 2008

My thoughts exactly after looking over results. However, he’s a report from CQ Politics:

Election Day 2007 produced mixed results around the nation, making it hard for either party to claim the off-year outcomes as a bellwether for 2008. Not that they won’t try, of course.

Leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties proclaimed victory in the wake of Tuesday’s results, which included a split in gubernatorial elections and Democratic gains in state legislatures.

The Democrats — seeking to maintain their momentum after a big 2006 upsurge that earned their party control of Congress and a majority of governorships — can credibly argue that they scored the most dramatic victories of 2007. In Kentucky, a Southern border state where Democrats had been in retreat in recent years, party nominee Steve Beshear trounced Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher after his one-term GOP administration was severely damaged by ethics controversies.

But there also was some good news for Republicans that provides them with countervailing evidence to Dean’s claim of a Democratic tide sweeping the nation.

The biggest success for the GOP was in Mississippi, where voters handed a record victory to incumbent Republican Gov. Haley Barbour , even as they gave Democrats an apparent three-seat state Senate gain to retake full control of the legislature. Barbour, a former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, took 58 percent of the vote — the highest ever for a modern-era Republican governor in the state — to breeze past Democratic lawyer John Arthur Eaves Jr. in a contest that involved big campaign spending on both sides.

The off-year elections are always very local which usually means mixed results. People end up voting for a name or face rather than a political party many times. Then there’s the local scandals which sway results that might not reflect national sentiment.

Either way, election day 2007 brought no dramatic signals other than the fact that the country is all over the map on issues.