Video: Dick Morris talks Hillary on Hannity & Colmes

The man is obsessed with her, true to form. If Hillary stopped running for office, he’d be bankrupt. However, I couldn’t agree with him more on Hillary complaining about the men attacking her.

Obama is indeed weak! He can run a “positive” campaign and that makes him look weak and makes people perceive him as weak. Thus, he’s weak!

The other question nobody’s asking is whether Hillary playing the gender card will help her? Dick Morris contends that millions of single women will become newly registered voters in 2008 purely because of the emotional attachment to voting for a woman. Is that true? Undoubtedly Hillary will bring in some women voters, however, she’ll also alienate others so new voters and anti-Hillary voters could cancel each other out.

Then again, Dick Morris also told us the next great presidential race would be “Condi vs. Hillary” and I just don’t think that one’s gonna happen.