Even Fred Thompson doubts he’ll be president

From the London Telegraph:

Even Fred Thompson doesn’t think he will become president. Chatting off-air to a television reporter, a stunningly candid off-the-cuff quip from the Hollywood actor cemented the impression that his heart is not in the 2008 race.

Trying to encourage his studio to hurry up so an interview could start, Carl Cameron of Fox News said into his microphone: “The next president of the United States has a schedule to keep.” Standing beside him, a deadpan Mr Thompson interjected: “And so do I.”

As some Thompson aides looked bemused and others cringed, a taken-aback Mr Cameron, Fox’s chief political correspondent, exclaimed: “You can’t do that kind of stuff!”

The self-deprecating quip said much about the former Tennessee senator’s candidacy.

One begins to wonder if Thompson says that sort of thing jokingly or if he seriously has decided in his own mind that he’s just not cut out for all this campaigning stuff. He’s getting killed in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states he needs to capture early. He’s got a better chance in South Carolina but that’s a little meaningless if he gets crushed everywhere else.

Seriously, if you’re not in to win Fred, then get out! Why take people’s money if you aren’t ambitious about campaigning? That goes for any candidate in either party!