Analysis of Hillary’s recent drop in the polls

There’s a lot of talk about Hillary has dropped 6 points in one poll after the Democratic debate from Philadelphia. Frankly, after looking into the polls for 5 minutes, there’s a little something but it’s not much in my opinion.

Take a look at the grand scheme of things:


The top CNN poll has Hillary at 44% compared to the same CNN poll having her at 51% a little less than a month ago. Also, the top Rasmussen has her at 41% compared to 49% a couple weeks ago.

A slight trend but she still has a commanding lead.

Harold Ford Jr. was on the Big Story earlier discussing this. Even the O’Reilly Factor got in on the act later, I put them both together back to back:

I agree with Harold, this is a small blip in the polls really.

I don’t think this will hurt Hillary. I think she’ll actually come back stronger on this issue and ready to answer the question next time. She’s safe since Obama and Edwards aren’t going anywhere in the polls. Democrats love her, she’s got the mantle.