Al Sharpton frustrated at Democratic candidates

From AOL News:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Civil rights activist Al Sharpton complained on Tuesday that the Democratic presidential candidates have been less than forceful in speaking out about recent hate crimes and the policies of President Bush’s Justice Department.

The New York-based reverend was in Washington with Martin Luther King III and other activists to discuss a march next week at the headquarters of the Justice Department, which they contend has taken no serious action to prosecute a spate of recent noose-hanging incidents following the Jena Six case.

Sharpton said he was upset those issues weren’t discussed last month at a debate among the Democratic candidates.

Sharpton must be on a fund raising drive so he’s looking to create controversy he can profit from. I wish he would have run, that would have made the debates more interesting and then he could have hijacked them with his own issues. I’m sure we’ll be seeing photo-ops with Sharpton and the democratic candidates in days to come so they can mend unbroken fences with him and give him the attention he so desperately craves.