Feminist says Hillary Clinton plays the ‘victim’

Keep in mind, this woman is an Edwards campaign “senior adviser”, so this was obviously planned.

Indeed Hillary has been, but now the feminists are calling her on it:

WASHINGTON — A prominent feminist, allied with the presidential campaign of former Sen. John Edwards, accused Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday of “disingenuously playing the victim card” by infusing her campaign with messages about gender.

“When unchallenged, in a comfortable, controlled situation, Sen. Clinton embraces her political elevation into the ‘boys club,’ ” Kate Michelman, the former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, wrote in a posting on a blog of the liberal group Open Left.

“But when she’s challenged, when legitimate questions are asked, questions she should be prepared to answer and discuss, she is just as quick to raise the white flag and look for a change in the rules,” Michelman said. “It’s trying to have it both ways.”

The missive by Michelman, a senior advisor to the Edwards campaign, was the latest salvo in a week in which gender flared as an issue in the Democratic presidential contest. Her cutting comments were publicized by the Edwards campaign in a press release.

She has been playing the gender card while trying to look like she’s not playing it. However, she has evoked the fact that the “men” are interested in her, both her Democratic colleagues and the Republican candidates. Plus, she visited Wellesley and mentioned how the school helped her break into the men’s club of presidential elections.

This is just more proof that candidates like Obama and Edwards are just getting desperate. I don’t think they’re going to dent her lead at all, but it does make for good news and video clips. No doubt, this last debate was just the beginning and the next one should be even more heated.