Video: MSNBC/NBC News Democratic debate from Philadelphia, PA

Finally, I have the entire debate video from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA uploaded. It is definitely worth the watch as Hillary gets attacked from all sides. You can check out the entire 2 hour debate here:

10/30/07 – Video: MSNBC/NBC News Democratic debate from Philadelphia, PA

Pass it along and share with your friends. Brian Williams and Tim Russert are still getting grief for their questioning of Hillary:

While one supporter voiced his concern that the Clinton campaign is not devoting enough money and staff to Iowa, lagging behind Obama, most supporters who commented on the call expressed their displeasure with what they saw as the moderators’ focus on Clinton.

One caller from Oklahoma City said that “the questions … were designed to incite a brawl,” and that Russert’s and Brian Williams’s moderating was “an abdication of journalistic responsibility.”

Another said Russert “should be shot,” before quickly adding that she shouldn’t say that on a conference call.

Penn and Mantz said they were hearing a lot of the same sentiment from other supporters, but they do not plan to engage the media or the debate’s moderators.

Shot because they tried to make her answer a question directly? For shame.