Democratic debate tonight on MSNBC @ 9pm – Preview Video Added

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) – For the second presidential debate in a row, Hillary Rodham Clinton can expect to be everyone’s punching bag. This time she’ll be on the stage to defend herself.

Republicans ganged up on the New York senator during their debate last week in Florida, knowing that was a good way to energize the GOP base. Democrats are criticizing Clinton because she’s the candidate to beat in their own primary.

Seven Democratic presidential candidates are scheduled to participate in a two-hour debate starting at 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday and telecast on MSNBC. It’s their first debate in a month, and during that time Clinton has solidified her position as the front-runner, gaining in polls, taking the lead in fundraising and dominating the agenda.

It has been a long month of no debates for the Dems. I’m expecting the teeth to come out on Hillary from Obama and Edwards. This will be their time to shine and make a move against her. If they keep quiet now, they can forever hold their peace because time is running short on them.

Apparently Obama has been studying up on Bill Clinton’s debate techniques:

WASHINGTON – As Sen. Barack Obama prepared for Tuesday night’s crucial NBC debate in Philadelphia, his high command back in Chicago was watching a lot of old Clinton videotape — not of Hillary Clinton, but of Bill, and not of Bill as president, but of Bill as a fresh-faced candidate of 46 (which happens to be Obama’s age) in 1991 and 1992.

“You know, I look at Clinton back then, and I find a lot I agree with,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s media adviser. “He said things Barack is saying now.”

We shall wait and see. I believe MSNBC will have a live feed online which I’ll try to update later. There will not be a live chat tonight because my schedule doesn’t permit it.

However, following the debate we will have the entire debate video uploaded and archived here in our 2008 Debate Video Archive.


You should be able to find a live debate feed here.


Preview video:

I generally agree with Pat Buchanan’s assessment, the lower tiered candidates are running for other positions and will probably steer clear of attacking Hillary.