Shocker: I agree with John Edwards on drug advertising

This from USAToday:

LACONIA, N.H. (AP) — Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said Sunday that prescription drug companies should wait two years to begin advertising their new products to consumers.

Outlining a plan to regulate what he views as misleading drug ads, Edwards noted that annual spending on such ads nearly has quadrupled to $4 billion in the decade since the government relaxed rules on advertising directly to consumers.

“You’ve seen these ads. You know who’s paying for them, right? You are,” said Edwards, who for years has derided ads that promise after one pill, “You’ll be skipping through the fields holding hands with your spouse.”

For once, and this is probably a one-time event, I actually agree with John Edwards. That is why I posted the story. I agree with him that drug companies advertise their products way too much. In effect, people go to their doctors asking to be put on a certain drug because they saw it on TV. If I never see another Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra ad it will be too soon.

I do feel that over advertising the drugs tends to push them on people without a proper diagnosis.

That is about where it ends on our utopian agreement. Aside from that I wouldn’t touch drug companies at all, they provide products without which our life expectancy wouldn’t be what it is. I just think people get conned into thinking they need more drugs than they really do. Although, that is a more systemic issue which I believe the drug companies are only a small part of.