Virginia Senator Jim Webb possible Vice Presidential candidate

From the WaPo:

Just 10 months into his first term in elected office, James Webb found himself on the podium for one of the most coveted speaking slots in Democratic politics.

The freshman senator from Virginia delivered the keynote address to the New Hampshire Democratic Party at its annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner a week ago, a role that in recent years has been played by current and former White House candidates John Edwards and John F. Kerry. Two years ago the speech was delivered by Sen. Evan Bayh (Ind.), who is viewed as a potential vice presidential pick next year.

His upset of Sen. George Allen (R) last year and the prominent part he has taken in the congressional debate over Iraq have led to his being mentioned as a potential ticket-mate for the party’s nominee in 2008. But he has made no effort to advance that cause with the leading Democratic contender in recent weeks.

To that, Webb says:

“This is like the conundrum — there’s no good answer,” Webb said, laughing nervously. “I’m not in any way actively interested in doing that. Nobody is asking me about it, either.”

In my opinion, Democrats would be better-suited to keep Webb in the senate, they need all the competent leadership they can get. Putting him as the VP would be a waste of his abilities. Besides, I see the Democrats finding some former minister to serve as VP so they can pull more disenfranchised Christian voters who may be distraught at the GOP.