Edwards trying to silence student journalist video

Apparently Edwards is taking a cue from Hillary on stifling bad press.

First, the written report from The Charlotte Observer:

A UNC-Chapel Hill professor says John Edwards’ staff tried to kill a student’s video story.

The professor, retired political reporter Leroy Towns, writes on the journalism school’s Talk Politics blog that the Edwards’ campaign demanded a student journalist take down the video she had posted on YouTube.

The video focuses on Edwards’ campaign headquarters in Chapel Hill’s affluent Southern Village. It includes an interview with a columnist for the Daily Tar Heel, the UNC-CH student paper, who criticizes the location as contradictory to Edwards’ advocacy for the poor.

The segment had been produced for the school’s Carolina Week television program, but student Carla Babb posted it online as an entry in an MTV contest.

Edwards staffers then tried to persuade the professor to kill the story, Towns writes. He declined.

Here is the video segment in question:

That is a well-produced report on this issue, what’s wrong with it? They get both points of view, present the facts honestly, I can’t understand why Edwards wants to kill it. Aside from the possibility that perhaps he doesn’t want both sides presented.

Is Edwards so insecure that even the hint of bad press makes him cry foul? In fact, by him wanting this video removed, he has given it more press since people like myself are now sharing it even further. Trying to quell criticism often backfires.