Possible Giuliani/Brownback ticket in the future?

Could be if you read anything into this:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Sam Brownback pronounced himself “much more comfortable” with Rudy Giuliani’s position on abortion after the one-time rivals for the Republican presidential nomination discussed the issue Thursday.

Giuliani flew to Washington for a meeting he requested with Brownback in the Kansas senator’s Capitol Hill office. Brownback dropped out of the race last week, citing poor fundraising, and his former rivals have been seeking his endorsement.

The two men spoke briefly to reporters afterward.

“I’m much more comfortable,” Brownback said. “Justices are key. He’s stated publicly many times about his support for strict constructionists like, I believe he said Roberts. John Roberts is a personal friend.”

Sam Brownback, a staunchly pro-life supporter, is “comfortable” with Giuliani’s position. Furthermore, Giuliani was the one who requested the meeting. With meetings like this, there is so much unreported information.

Even so, it’s unlikely that an ardent abortion foe like Brownback would endorse a candidate like Giuliani, a longtime supporter of abortion rights, especially considering Brownback may run for governor of conservative Kansas in 2010.

So the governorship in 2010 might rule this out. However, things change in a second and there’s a lot of time before a nominee will be seeking a vice president.

No doubt if Giuliani is the nominee someone like Brownback, or another social conservative, will be tapped for the VP slot to balance the ticket.