Giuliani shaping the anti-Hillary campaign for Republicans

Something I found interesting from USAToday:

DES MOINES — Rudy Giuliani, once discounted as an improbable presidential nominee for the GOP, is trying to boost his case with an unlikely ally: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Giuliani’s Northeastern roots and support of abortion rights have complicated his presidential bid but also given him talking points to argue he’d be the most formidable candidate against the Democratic front-runner.

His strongest appeal is in geographic areas and among some of the people with whom Clinton also shows strength, according to an analysis of USA TODAY/Gallup polls. Giuliani’s argument: A showdown between the New York senator and former New York City mayor could scramble the nation’s political divide and give Republicans a fighting chance in a difficult year.

“We don’t win this next election if we don’t run a campaign in New York and California — I tell you, we don’t,” Giuliani said in a speech last week, saying he could compete in states that would be considered safely Democratic with a more traditional nominee. “I’m the one who can be a coast-to-coast candidate.”

Giuliani appears to be shaping this campaign into the question who has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton rather than who is the best choice as a nominee. Obviously he says he’s the candidate to do so and I imagine that’s not a bad strategy to take given the current climate of questioning his conservative credentials.

The question will be, can Giuliani convince pro-life voters that they need to vote for him unless they want another Clinton administration.

Vote for me, “I can beat Hillary,” versus “This is what I stand for”.

My question then, is Giuliani willing to sell out his beliefs simply to claim that he’s the only Republican who can beat Hillary?