FOX News battling John McCain over latest campaign ad

This from AOL News:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican John McCain on Thursday rejected a Fox News Channel request to stop airing a television ad that includes footage of the presidential candidate at a debate sponsored by the cable network.

In the ad, McCain is shown at the debate saying: “A few days ago, Senator Clinton tried to spend $1 million on the Woodstock concert museum.”

“Now my friends, I wasn’t there. I’m sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event,” he says. “I was tied up at the time.” It was a referance to the 5 1/2 years McCain spent in a North Vietnamese prison.

The Fox News logo is in the corner of the ad.

But Fox News bars candidates from using debate clips in ads, and officials there sent a cease and desist letter to McCain. McCain rejected the request, arguing that he is within the law’s “fair use” rights to use an 18-second clip of a 90-minute debate.

Technically I’d say FOX is probably correct because they “own” the debate footage. My guess is McCain will pull the FOX portion and use the audio or some other way or getting his point across.

McCain has some big plans for it though:

The ad began running Thursday in New Hampshire and is slated to air during the pre-game of the World Series Game 2 between the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies. The dispute isn’t likely to be resolved before then.

So it may actually air to a decent sized audience before they resolve the “dispute”.

Just for reference, here is the ad in question:

Quite a funny ad. However, when will McCain realize that we all know he was a POW in Vietnam?

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