Oprah’s endorsement has proven fruitless for Obama

An interesting tidbit from USAToday:

Oprah Winfrey can get people to read Tolstoy, sell millions of magazines and turn a mail-order canvas bag into a hot item just by naming it one of her favorite things.

To get Americans to vote for her favorite presidential candidate, Democrat Barack Obama, though, she’ll have to twice prove conventional wisdom wrong: once with voters who repeatedly say endorsements don’t make a big difference, and once with politicos who say they can — but that those by celebrities usually don’t matter.

Winfrey has raised $3 million for Obama, the Illinois senator who draws big crowds and plenty of money but is stuck behind Hillary Rodham Clinton in Democratic polls. Winfrey also may campaign for Obama. The more she does, the more her first venture into presidential politics will test the limits of what a personal endorsement can — or can’t — do.

This is true, and I think one reason why her endorsement has been rather fruitless for Obama, in terms of the polls, is because her audience is not made up entirely of Democratic women. Seriously, is there a bigger endorsement a candidate could get aside from one of the wealthiest, arguably most widely known person in the world? Why hasn’t he moved up in the polls? Honestly, I think it’s because people don’t care what Oprah says about politics.

The crux of the matter:

More than six in 10 adults say endorsements aren’t that important in deciding whom they’ll support for president, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. Just 8% of adults in the poll, taken Oct. 12-14, said Winfrey’s backing made them more likely to support Obama. In fact, 10% said it made them less likely to support the senator.

The Pew Center for the People and the Press surveys voters on endorsements each election year and the results show that famous people don’t carry weight politically, says center director Andy Kohut. “There are some things that people will take their cues from (celebrities) and other things they won’t,” he says. “If Bill Gates suggested something to me about technology or the future of the American economy, yes, very interesting. But a choice between Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani? I’m not so sure.”

So basically, for the 8% who now like Obama because Oprah endorsed him, 10% said they now no longer like him because Oprah endorsed him. Her endorsement has neither helped nor hurt him. The only thing it’s done is raised him money, which is important, but it hasn’t translated in the poll numbers. Hillary is still running off with the nomination.

The bottom line is that celebrities who spout off because they think what they have to say is important are fools who are only hurting themselves! Rather than actually help Obama, Oprah probably just alienated a few of her Republican viewers. Nobody cares what celebrities say about politics!