It’s official: Sam Brownback bows out

More from the WaPo:

TOPEKA, Kan. — Republican Sen. Sam Brownback abandoned his 2008 presidential bid Friday, his White House aspirations dashed by a lack of support and money.

Said the Kansas senator: “My yellow brick road just came short of the White House this time.”

The conservative managed to gain the support of only 1 percent of Republicans in this month’s Associated Press-Ipsos poll after peaking at 3 percent in June. Fundraising reports this week showed that his campaign was struggling financially, with $94,000 available to spend.

Brownback is expected to run for Kansas governor in 2010 when his second term expires. He has said he won’t run for the Senate again.

He announced his withdrawal at the Kansas Statehouse, standing with his wife, Mary, and three of his five children.

One young campaign volunteer held a sign saying, “We (heart) Sam).”

“We’re out of money,” said Brownback.

No word on whether Brownback plans to endorse any of his Republican colleagues.

Huckabee stands to gain from this:

Huckabee could stand to gain by Brownback’s departure, especially among religious conservatives who share the two candidates’ opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

Huckabee is finding the window perhaps.