Will Republican Women Support Hillary Clinton?

From the AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘s top strategist predicted Thursday that up to a quarter of Republican women could support Clinton in the presidential contest – a claim that later drew sharp rebukes from the rival campaigns of Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani.

Mark Penn, Clinton’s senior adviser and pollster, told reporters that private surveys suggested about 24 percent of Republican women could vote for Clinton because of “the emotional element of potentially having the first woman nominee.”

So a “private survey” suggests this huh? That seems awfully convenient. I conducted a “private survey” of my own and found the opposite to be true. However, you’d never know since it’s private.

I think this assertion is a bit over-zealous and rather silly. That would be like suggesting 25% of male Democrats would then vote for the Republican nominee simply because they’d prefer to vote for the same gender.

Obama got a little upset over the assertion that, if he were the nominee, Republican women wouldn’t vote for him in droves:

Penn’s claim that Clinton would win the support of GOP women was flatly challenged by Obama pollster Joel Benenson in an e-mail to reporters.

“Penn’s assertion is entirely baseless and refuted by a number of public polls. Moreover, these polls also indicate sizable defection among Democratic women should Sen. Clinton be the nominee,” Benenson said. “While it may not be her fault, Clinton appears to be as polarizing a figure as ever, showing the least crossover appeal of any of the Democratic candidates.”

For Hillary’s campaign to assert this sort of looks a bit presumptuous in my opinion. It’s almost getting reminiscent of Howard Dean in 2004 when he had the nomination “locked up”. I still believe she’ll be the nominee as long she stops making ridiculous statements that Republican women will defect in droves to vote for her.