Republican Sam Brownback to Leave Race for Presidency, Sources Say

Hey, Tom here from the Ron and Tom Show. Is anyone really surprised by this at all? Better yet, did anyone really know he was running for President? Either way it is a shame that true conservatives are being looked over for moderates who can not be trusted. People wake up and pay attention to something important, otherwise we will all be calling each other comrade in the next 20 years, using pesos and under Muslim rule.


WASHINGTON – Republican Sam Brownback will drop out of the 2008 presidential campaign on Friday, people close to the Kansas senator told NBC News Thursday.

Trouble raising money was a main reason for his decision, said one person close to Brownback, who requested anonymity because the candidate had not yet announced his plans.

Brownback, a lesser-known conservative contender, is expected announce his withdrawal in Topeka, Kan.

The senator is widely expected to seek the Kansas governor’s office in 2010, when his term—his second—expires. He had promised in his first Senate campaign to serve no more than two terms.

Update by Nate

This will make the upcoming debate on Sunday a little more interesting since the field is finally thinning out. Brownback’s days were numbered so it’s no surprise at all really. I’m waiting for Tancredo and Hunter to follow his lead sometime.

The next question is, will Bill Richardson drop out to run for the New Mexico senate seat? Now he’s saying no but things change over time.

Update by Nate

It’s official, Brownback’s site has a press release stating that there will be a press conference on Friday the 19th in Topeka, Kansas. Most likely this will be his announcement that he’s leaving the race.