Video: John McCain on Face the Nation

For your viewing pleasure:

He doesn’t look healthy to me. However, there has been talk of the “McCain revival” but I just don’t see anything major happening. Of course, we can all point to Howard Dean in ’04 who had the nomination “locked”. Sure, McCain could upset the front runners but I doubt it.


McCain’s only hope, if he still has one, is to continue focusing on New Hampshire. After all, he won New Hampshire in 2000 over Bush. The current RealClearPolitics polling average only has him down from the lead by 9 points. Romney is currently first with 25.5, Giuliani second at 21.3, and McCain still holding on at 16.7 on average. Heavy campaigning in New Hampshire could, I emphasize could, put him a little higher.

I personally don’t think it will happen. Looking at Iowa, he’s barely a blip. He’s also quite low in South Carolina but not as bad as Iowa. New Hampshire could be his last meaningful hope.

McCain will also be on Fox News Sunday next week (10/21) from New Hampshire as well.