Obama goes door-to-door for votes in Iowa

From Yahoo! News:

DES MOINES, Iowa – Democrat Barack Obama knocked on doors in the Iowa capital Saturday talking up his opposition to the war in Iraq.

At one stop, Obama got a warm welcome from a woman who said the visit might persuade her to attend the Democratic presidential caucus in January,

“I’m flabbergasted that he’s here knocking on my neighborhood door,” Jody Degard told reporters after the visit from the Illinois senator.

Degard, who works for a local cable company, said she has narrowed her choice to Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama.

“I’m quite pleased that somebody is that local,” she said. The war, she added, is an important issue. “I think it’s time to send our troops home,” Degard said.

Obama spent about an hour going door to door on Des Moines east side. He started the day by encouraging supporters to talk to fellow Iowans about the war in Iraq.

This could be just the kind of publicity stunt Obama needs to further erode Hillary’s minuscule lead in Iowa. As of now, Clinton only leads by 3 points on average over Obama in Iowa.

Though Obama is not alone in his door-to-door efforts:

Clinton began her door-to-door effort in September. John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, has had volunteers canvassing in Iowa for months, and last week stood in the back of a pickup truck to launch a house-to-house effort with the United Steelworkers in Davenport.

Obama may persuade a few people but I still think Hillary will eventually take Iowa despite he small lead.


Dick Durbin thinks Obama will win Iowa which will springboard him to the nomination. Since Durbin thinks Obama will win, I’m certain it will be Hillary.