Will Nobel mean Gore will run for president?

Short answer: No.

However, here’s some more on the issue:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Democrat Al Gore and the U.N. climate panel on Friday intensified pressure on the former U.S. vice president to launch a late bid for the presidency, but advisers said he is showing no signs of interest in the 2008 race.

Gore, who lost a Florida vote recount battle in the 2000 election to Republican George W. Bush, has attracted growing support in recent days from thousands of Democratic activists who want him to enter the race.

An organization called www.draftgore.com said the award “will only add to the tremendous tidal wave of support for Al Gore and the growing demands that he become a candidate for president in 2008.”

“We believe that under these circumstances he has no choice but to take the one step left to have the greatest impact in changing policy on global warming — run for president,” it said.

Not gonna happen. If Gore did heed the calling, I’m certain the Clinton mafia would put him back in place. Besides, he’s already said he thinks Hillary’s win is inevitable.

No doubt, Gore would be a part of the Hillary Clinton administration, if it were to happen.