Is BHO the next JFK?

This is somewhat humerous:

Ted Sorensen, 79, Kennedy’s chief speechwriter, drew parallels between today and 1960 when another youthful senator espousing hope and change was written off by the Establishment.

He said: “Both Kennedy and Obama have fantastically winning smiles and I might say both are very relaxed in front of an audience and on television. They don’t shout into a microphone, they talk.

“The principles, the values Obama and Kennedy are enunciating are not five-point plans for new health care programmes, which is more Hillary’s style.”

As another charismatic Harvard alumnus heralding a new era in politics, Mr Obama has been helped by the Kennedy legacy and the aura of Camelot underpinning his campaign.

They have good smiles and are relaxed in front of an audience. Sounds like Mitt Romney to me. I also wasn’t aware that Kennedy’s “aura of Camelot” was aiding Obama. Apparently the aura hasn’t translated to Obama’s poll numbers.

But wait, the coincidences don’t end there, this one is chilling:

Kennedy broke down the barrier of becoming the first Roman Catholic president while Mr Obama is vying to become the first black occupant of the Oval Office.

So by the same logic, Hillary is like JFK since she’s trying to become the first woman president. Or even further, Mitt Romney is like JFK since he’s trying to become the first Mormon president.

Is Barack Hussein Obama the next John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Somehow I think not.

This is my favorite part:

He vehemently rejected the contention, driven home relentlessly by the Clinton campaign, that Mr Obama lacked the experience to be president.

“He has great judgment, which he has demonstrated in his position against the Iraq war even before it started.

First of all, I am wagering that Obama would have voted the same way Hillary did on the Iraq war if presented with the opportunity. However, since he never had the chance, he can now claim that he never would have voted for it. How convenient.

Obama’s judgment also includes a military invasion of Pakistan.