Hillary plays the “glass ceiling” card in Iowa

I see this is the way she will easily take Iowa from Obama:

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – For Hillary Rodham Clinton to win Iowa, she’ll have to get past the men challenging her for the Democratic presidential nomination and the state’s tradition of turning a cold shoulder to female candidates.

Iowa is one of only two states – Mississippi is the other – that have never sent a woman to Congress or the governor’s mansion. None have been tested in Iowa’s presidential caucuses; any who campaigned here dropped out before the vote.

But Clinton is campaigning in large part on her gender; she noted during a swing through the state this week that she couldn’t run as anything else. She is making appeals to women and the voters who support them in subtle and direct ways.

I can see the campaign turning this into an issue trying to bring out any Iowa feminists to support Hillary so she can “overcome” the status quo.

She has been invoking it regularly:

But at every stop, she used her potential to break through the ultimate glass ceiling as part of her closing argument for voters to elect her.

“I was so touched the first time I shook the hand of a woman and she reached out and grabbed my hand and said to me, ‘I’m 95 years old. I was born before women could vote and I’m going to live long enough to see a woman in the White House!'” Clinton said in Dakota City.

As always, the story won enthusiastic applause from the assembled Iowans. She always followed up by saying she often sees parents pointing her out and telling their daughters she was proof they could be anything they want.

The pitch allows Clinton to tell voters her candidacy would break new ground in the face of opponents who are trying to portray her as part of Washington’s past.

So basically her message is “vote for me and we can break new ground for women!”. Honestly, I think it will work for her and she will easily “overcome” Obama and the other male candidates. This sort of rhetoric will provide her a method to pry away younger votes from Obama. Specifically young women perhaps. If she could convince people that voting for Hillary in the Iowa caucus is part of a political cause for women more than it is supporting Hillary for the presidency, she’s got it in the bag.