Biden and Brownback agree on Iraq

Is it a match made in heaven?

From CBSNews:

On Friday, Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will hold what the Biden camp is calling an “unprecedented bipartisan summit” to discuss their plans for Iraq. Two weeks ago, the Senate passed an amendment sponsored by the two presidential hopefuls, along with Democrat Barbara Boxer, calling for Iraq to be split into three states overseen by a decentralized government.

Brownback campaign spokesperson John Rankin told CBS News’ Joy Lin that “the idea has been in the works for about two weeks.” Both campaigns are highlighting what Rankin calls “their bipartisan solution for Iraq.”

“Partisan politics must not come in the way of finding a solution to the war in Iraq,” Biden said in a press release. Brownback offered this: “Joe and I might be running for the nomination of two different parties, but we agree on one thing: the American people want progress in Iraq and this represents a viable way forward to stability and success.”

The event will be held in front of the Greater Des Moines Committee on Foreign Relations.

I’m not sure if the biggest press coverage Sam Brownback or Joe Biden needs is that they are holding conferences agreeing with the opposing party. That being said, I commend both men for sitting down to seriously discuss Iraq in a positive way. Neither have a chance of winning their respective nominations nor do I think their Iraq plan has a chance of being implemented. However, I don’t think their plan is such a bad idea all things considered.

Perhaps a third party Biden/Brownback ticket is in order. Or not..