CNBC/MSNBC Republican debate conclusions – Video added

CNBC has a good wrap-up:

Foreign trade inequality emerged early on as a hot-button issue among the nine Republican presidential hopefuls squaring off on Tuesday.

U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter addressed the trade imbalance issue and said he would pass a bill that would bring overseas manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

“What is missing from this economy is 1.4 million jobs that have moved to China,” said Hunter.

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas said America must start living within its means if it wants a healthier trade position.

“Right now we owe foreigners $2.7 trillion,” said Paul. “No wonder they have money to come back here and buy stuff up and then we object.”

“We can’t maintain a reserve currency where our greatest export today are paper dollars,” he added.

The debate — sponsored by CNBC, MSNBC and The Wall Street Journal — was marked by hearty but generally cordial disagreement on such issues as recession, taxes and the health of the middle class.

In my opinion, Romney did very well.

Fred Thompson’s performance was probably underwhelming for anyone expecting him to shine brightly. He didn’t do awful, but it wasn’t a breakout appearance.

Best Chris Matthews question ever: “Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?”

As always, we will have the video of the entire debate posted here in a few days.


Here’s video of some notable highlights:

Full video coming soon..


Here is the full debate video:

10/9/07 – Video: CNBC/MSNBC Republican debate from Dearborn, Michigan