Romney ignores a wheelchair bound supporter at rally…

Hey everyone, Ron here from the Ron and Tom show…..

Just saw a video on CNN of Mitt Romney at one of his rallies. As he left the stage he was confronted by a young man with Muscular Dystrophy who was in a wheelchair. The young man asked the governor if he would arrest him and his doctors if he continued to use Medical Marijuana if Romney were elected. Romney flatly said to him ” I don’t support the use of medical marijuana” and that this young man should try the medical marijuana in “pill form”…the supported answered that it makes him very sick and is not effective. It was at this point that Mitt Romney simply walked away from this guy.

Another supporter who witnessed this, asked “governor, aren’t you going to answer his question” and Mitt just said, “I allready did, I do not support medical marijuana” and kept walking away. Now, I admit my knowledge on this subject is not that in depth, and perhaps someone can educate me further, but the attitude Romney showed this guy was quite shocking. It certainly appeared that Mitt could not have cared less about this guy or his pain. I wonder if this guy or for that matter any of the cadidates running for office really give a crap about the people who go out of there way to support them.

I see this behaivor in candidates form both parties so please, no one blame me for being partisan. I am sure Hillary is just as bad if not worse. Perhaps we should not send these people contributions, so they won’t be able to travel around and have 20 rallies a day, and ignore people’s questions. Perhaps we as American’s should throw some of our support to thrid party candidates who really care and have a desire to inact change in this country.

We are treated like idiots by our elected leaders because they believe we ARE idiots! It’s time for a change. Strike at them where they hurt, in their pockets.

that’s my rant….Ron

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