The Candidates reactions to Obama’s Flag Pin Decision.

I was wondering when we would get the responses:

A spokesman for Joe Biden told that the Delaware senator “always wears a flag pin.” It wasn’t clear whether Dennis Kucinich wears a pin, but a spokeswoman told that the Ohio congressman does “does carry a mini copy of the Constitution in his pocket.”

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson didn’t return calls for comment.

Republican hopeful John McCain said he doesn’t wear a flag pin on a daily basis. Brooke Buchanan, a spokeswoman for the Arizona senator, said “his record of service to his country shows his dedication.”

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo said he wears a flag pin to show he’s proud to be an American and dismissed Obama’s decision. A representative for former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said he always sported the pin when he was governor.

A spokesman for Sam Brownback said he wasn’t sure how often the Kansas senator wears a flag pin. “It might be on some of his jackets — just there,” ready for the wearing, said John Rankin. He said he didn’t know if the Brownback had a set policy on wearing Old Glory as an accessory.

Brownback apparently doesn’t wear one all the time. On the cover of his 2007 book, “From Power to Purpose,” displayed on his campaign Web site, his lapel does not show a flag.

California Rep. Duncan Hunter “is proud to wear an American flag pin as much as possible and on any occasion,” said spokesman Gary Becks.

Other Republican contenders Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul didn’t respond to calls.

Obama is an idiot. I’m curious as to why the bigger names didn’t respond…I guess they don’t need the publicity, but you would think patriotism would be a major subject to jump on as it would seem that we have a major lack of it within our government.

However as usual Hillary always seems to like to take exception so here you have it:

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton told Thursday night that she sometimes wears a pin to show her patriotism. “Wearing a flag pin, flying the flag, pledging allegiance to the flag, talking about the values that are important to America, teaching your children about what a great nation you have, standing up for those values, speaking out … there’s just so many ways that one can demonstrate patriotism,” Clinton said at a Chicago fundraiser.

Of course you know she couldn’t pass up a chance to spit in Obama’s face. Personally, I don’t feel Hillary would know what patriotism was if it bit her in the ass. She’s too concerned with turning the country into a socialist society.