Tancredo calls for gay marriage ban, draws ire

From the Des Moines Register:

Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo today called for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages.

The Colorado congressman argued a federal ban is necessary to ensure “activist judges” will not make similar rulings that pave the way for legal recognition of relationships based on bigamy, polygamy and incest.

“That could happen,” Tancredo said.

Apparently not everyone in the crowd was pleased with Tancredo’s remarks:

Tancredo’s remarks were condemned as a political stunt by Mike Keller, a gay Des Moines man who was legally married to another man in Canada eight years ago.

Keller argued Tancredo’s suggestion that recognition of gay marriage could pave the way for other legally sanctioned, non-traditional relationships is unfounded.

“It’s absurd,” Keller said. “What’s his basis for that?”

Marriage is “all about protecting people,” he added.

I just heard a bit of the sound bite on the radio, apparently Keller actually confronted Tancredo in public during his speech. I’ve been looking for some more information such as audio/video but have come up empty.


Radio Iowa has more on the disruption:

“I think it’s outrageous for a politician to come here,” Keller interupted, “and try to tell the Iowa courts what they should do. I think you’re the one that’s out of line.” Tancredo dismissed Keller’s complaint, saying gays and lesbians can protect their partnership through existing legal contracts – and that the majority of Americans do not want the definition of marriage expanded beyond a man and woman.