Just an afterthought…..

Calling all Democrats, calling all Republicans, calling all Independents……

In regards to my last post, I’ve been thinking and I would like to pose a question to you the general public:

Is there anybody out there that seriously would argue that it’s absolutely ridiculous that our politicians are waisting time and tax dollars passing resolutions condemning talk radio hosts? I mean seriously….Whether you agree with what the radio hosts say or not, can anyone seriously argue that it was time and money well spent? Does anyone not see what I see? I see morons on capitol hill trampling all over our Bill of Rights. The Freedom of Speech, The Freedom of Expression, The Freedom of Press, what in the hell is going on? It’s becoming evident to me that way too many people are out of touch with core values and laws in this country. What happened to the American Culture? Was it recalled by China like everything else?

Somebody PLEASE clue me in…….can we get some thoughts from the readers on this?

Disclaimer: Forget Bush bashing, lying to get into wars etc, it’s all gotten pretty irrelevant at this point in juncture. It’s old and tired, and put to rest, leave it there. I’m no Bush Bot, but I’m sick of people dancing around questions by trying to bring up the same old boring argument about Bush and the war rather than actually answer the question.