You Decide – Republicans VS Democrats

What the GOP is doing:

GOP urges probe in China firm deal

By Bill Gertz
October 4, 2007

Several Republican members of Congress yesterday called for a Treasury Department probe into whether Pentagon computer networks will be compromised by the merger of a U.S. network-equipment maker and a Chinese firm with links to Beijing’s military.

And i thought stories like these were problems:

DALLAS – The Boy Scouts of America said Thursday that a painted, plastic badge commonly worn by some of its youngest scouts is being voluntary recalled after a test revealed high levels of lead in the paint.

As many as 1.6 million of the badges, which are made in China, may be affected by the recall.

But then you read things like this:

Also yesterday, Sen. Christopher S. Bond of Missouri, the ranking Republican on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said yesterday that Treasury should review the 3Com-Huawei deal.”It is troubling to me that a foreign military organization with interests in communications might obtain access to our security systems,” Mr. Bond said.A Treasury secretary spokeswoman declined to comment.In their letter, the two House members said Huawei’s role as a partner appears designed to “circumvent legal issues about whether this deal should be reviewed by” CFIUS.”At stake is whether Huawei will control voting seats on the board of the new company, and far more importantly, will it have access to the technology and research and development of the new company,” they said.Both committees’ staff have been ordered to review 3Com’s contracts with intelligence agencies and the Pentagon, they stated.

“This sale raises the ongoing and thorny issues of illegal technology transfers to China, public reports of Chinese cyberattacks on U.S. government networks, repeated efforts by the Chinese government to gain access to military sensitive and classified technologies of the U.S. government, and continuing concerns about infringement of intellectual property rights by Chinese companies,” Mr. Hoekstra and Mr. Hunter stated.Huawei is a state-run telecommunications firm that in the past sold equipment, in violation of United Nations sanctions, that was used by Saddam Hussein’s military. The company also provided equipment to the Afghan Taliban when it was harboring al Qaeda terrorists.Chinese military computer hackers were detected breaking into Pentagon computer systems several months ago, and there are concerns the 3Com merger would boost Beijing’s hacking capabilities.

“There is no doubt as to why the Chinese want a partnership with 3Com,” Mr. Hoekstra said in an interview. “They look at this as a key connection to stealing additional secrets from U.S. corporations and from our national security apparatus.”

Ok so at least we know the GOP is awake and scratching their heads over a serious issue….one I feel doesn’t take much sense to figure out. Screw the courts, contract or whatever the hell else is involved, you just don’t simply hand over the nation’s nuts on a silver platter to China. PERIOD.

SO let’s see what the Democrats have been up to:

Democrats want to see interrogation memo By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 20 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – Senate and House Democrats demanded Thursday to see two secret memos that reportedly authorize painful interrogation tactics against terror suspects — despite the Bush administration’s insistence that it has not violated U.S. anti-torture laws.

White House and Justice Department press officers said legal opinions written in 2005 did not reverse an administration policy issued in 2004 that publicly renounced torture as “abhorrent.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller sent a letter to the acting attorney general saying the administration’s credibility is at risk if the documents are not turned over to Congress.

Looks like they’re still busy with requests and memos and chasing little Georgie Bush around the playground. Maybe they have something else going on of more importance:

Liberals targeting radio hosts

By Jennifer Harper
October 4, 2007

Liberal politicians have turned up the volume on their criticism of conservative talk-radio hosts.

Democrats on both coasts have authored official resolutions condemning Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh this week, turning partisan disagreements over content and style into a matter of public record and raising potential questions about First Amendment rights.

“Have these people forgotten what sarcasm and satire is? Since when has sarcasm and satire become illegal in America?” Mr. Savage asked during a phone interview yesterday.

“This is how the Soviet Union once operated. It is unheard of for public officials to do this, and I am shocked that a state body can condemn an individual,” he said. “This and the congressional attack on Rush Limbaugh have convinced me these events are not random or separate. They’re an orchestrated plan of action by Democrats who want to marginalize the opposition and quell any debate or discussion.”

Nope, looks like now they’re trying to put a muzzle on free speech. I guess some Democrats are determined to use the U.S. Bill of Rights as nothing more than common toilet paper to wipe their pompous rear-ends. Maybe it’s just me but I was raised in such a manner that if you didn’t like what someone said, you were taught to walk away and just not listen to it. It’s not as if anyone forces you to listen to any particular radio station….but hey it’s just the freedom of speech and freedom of expression, no biggy right?

Personally I’m with Savage regardless of my political affiliation. If illegal immigrants want to protest via hunger strikes, let em. They shouldn’t be here to begin with. In the past 6 months I have seen an illegal immigrant cause the death of a husband and wife in a motor vehicle accident in which the immigrant had no business behind the wheel of a vehicle let alone being in the country; as well as an illegal immigrant who killed his legal white American girlfriend and then committed suicide, but somehow that sort of thing escapes mass media.

Oh and I forgot about the prosecution of our military soldiers for acting within the rules of engagement via the Haditha battle case. That’s the one where the marines were ambushed and fought back and then charged with murder, dereliction of duty amongst other things….all of which is in the process of being dropped, and ya know who the smoking gun was that blew the whistle on this one to start the ball rolling? TIME magazine. One of their brilliant reporters recieved information from a known insurgent and wrote an “inspired” piece which led to the politics and the Democrats stepping in wanting these brave men charged and court marshaled. Lt Col. Chessani was brought up on military charges after Time magazine accused Marines of “massacring” civilians in the firefight in Haditha. Later, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., publicly accused Marine officers of a “cover-up.”

What about the Democrats refusing to campaign in Florida and threatening to remove thier delegates from the nomination convention? Sounds a little Stalinistic to me. A little Hitlerish even.

Bottom line…..who do you really want running this country? I say someone new, someone moderate, someone not Hillary and someone not Rudy Giuliani.

There is way too many disturbing things going on in our country and government today, not to pay attention to it all. With any luck people will stop being so stubborn and close minded and start paying attention. Heh Yeah Right. 😛