Ron Paul raises $5 million in 3rd quarter


WASHINGTON (AP) – Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul raised a surprising $5 million during the past three months, capitalizing on his stance as the only anti-war contender in the GOP field.

Paul, a Texas congressman who once ran for president as a Libertarian, also will report having $5.3 million cash on hand, campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said.

The amount places Paul well ahead of all but the Republican front-runners in the race. His fundraising for the quarter almost matches what Sen. John McCain is expected to report. His total is half the amount that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is reported to have raised.

Everywhere I go I see Ron Paul stickers and signs, it amazes me. The man is nowhere in the polls, well below the top tier candidates yet the supporters he does have are more fervent than anyone’s. I know from this post alone I will receive numerous comments claiming that Ron Paul is the only hope for America.

My question again, what is the fascination with this man other than the fact that he’s the only Republican candidate who wants to immediately pull out of Iraq? Where’s the beef?

Paul barely registers in polls of Republican voters, a sign of low name recognition nationally. Since he entered the campaign, he has operated with little media attention, getting the spotlight only during debates. But that has been enough to attract an avid Internet following.

He certainly does have an internet following and it’s beginning to spill over. Yesterday I was in doing a bit of shopping in Binghamton, NY and saw 3 separate signs for Ron Paul. Although it’s probably the same person placing signs in various places. Nonetheless, he’s the only candidate with followers actually placing signs and yet he’s nowhere in the polls.

Finally, consider this: Mike Huckabee raised only $1 million and yet had a lot more buzz than Ron Paul did from the media.

Ron Paul is an enigma.