Hillary Clinton crushes Obama with $27 million

I use the term “crushes” mainly because Obama has been smashing fund raising records all year long. However, the new queen is taking the throne.

From Reuters:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democrat Hillary Clinton raised $27 million for her 2008 presidential bid in the third quarter, leading all rivals and strengthening her front-runner status three months before the first votes.

Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday reported raising $22 million for the primary nomination race that begins in January and another $5 million for the general campaign ahead of the November 2008 election.

Her fund-raising beat top rival Barack Obama, the first-term Illinois senator who raised $19 million in primary money and another $1 million in general election funds in the quarter that ended on Sunday.

Hillary is getting stronger in the Democratic nomination process on a daily basis in my opinion. I do, however, hear all these people say that the conventional wisdom which believes Hillary is guaranteed the nomination may not necessarily be correct.

To that I still say Hillary Clinton will be the democratic nominee. Obama is a fad and always has been. Hillary finally raising more cash than him proves it to me. Democrats are about ready to unite behind Hillary Clinton.

Then there’s this:

The strong performance defied historical trends for the third quarter, when presidential candidates typically raise less money as they compete for attention with summer vacations.

Honestly, I think what may have helped her was the roll out of her universal health care plan. It was masked in a way that appears to be less-government run and more common sense. I am betting many moderates were willing to sign-on with her.

Time will tell.