Fred Thompson defends gay-marriage stance

From USAToday:

NEWTON, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson said he’s met frequently with influential social conservatives who are willing to accept his position on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage even though it doesn’t go quite as far as they would like.

Thompson favors a constitutional amendment that bars judges from legalizing gay marriage, but also leaves open the door for state legislatures to approve the practice. He said social and religious conservatives who would prefer an amendment that also bars legislatures from legalizing gay marriage can live with his view.

“Everyone I have talked to in my meetings like this, the answer has been yes,” said Thompson. He conceded there are reservations.

“I think they prefer their own wording. They are primarily concerned about marriage being a union between a man and a woman,” said Thompson. He said his solution strikes a balance.

Thompson didn’t identify the conservative leaders he has met with.

I’m going out on a limb but I’m guessing that James Dobson was not one of the leaders who “likes” this view of Thompson’s.

My question here is why people like Dobson wouldn’t be comfortable with Thompson’s stance yet he is willing to run the risk of supporting a third-party candidate and essentially handing Hillary the White House. I’m certain her stance on gay marriage is further from Dobson’s than Thompson’s view ever was.

So to clarify Thompson’s view on gay marriage, he just wants to ban judges from legalizing it from the bench. I think that’s in line with his federalist principles he’s always touting.