Gingrich: $30 million will get me into presidential race

From CNN:

MARIETTA, Georgia (CNN) — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told supporters on Thursday that if they pledge at least $30 million to his campaign over a three-week period starting Monday, he will compete for the GOP 2008 presidential nomination.

Gingrich chose Thursday, the 13th anniversary of the signing of his “Contract With America,” to launch his “Solutions Day” campaign, which he said is a search for bipartisan answers to the country’s major challenges.

Without mentioning the 2008 race, Gingrich outlined what sounded like a campaign message when he called for “real change, not the same old stuff.”

Give it a rest! Gingrich has this attitude where he is acting like Republican voters are pulling him into this race. He sounds like he doesn’t want to run, however, if he gets the cash, he might as well!

His time is past. Let it go. He’s not electable to the presidency in my opinion. He has baggage and, I am going on a limb here, would have a negative stigma attached to his name similar to Hillary. First and foremost on his negatives list is his blatant hypocrisy of trying to (rightly) impeach Clinton while Gingrich himself was having an affair.

It’s over! 2007 is not 1994!