Democrats to Strip and Skip Florida

From the Sun Sentinel in Florida:

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Democratic leaders today will throw down the gauntlet to the Democratic National Committee, pledging to move ahead with the state’s Jan. 29 presidential primary even if it means losing all delegates to the nominating convention.

The action comes with the support of more than 75 percent of the state’s executive committee members, who were polled twice over the past two days, and after talks between the state and national party broke down Saturday.

National Democratic officials voted in August to strip Florida of its 210 delegates to the Denver convention unless the primary is delayed by at least a week. The state party was given until Sept. 29 to come up with an alternative plan.

Which was a mail-in sort of deal that the Dems said amounted to nothing more than a beauty contest.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Thurman is scheduled to make the formal announcement this afternoon in Pembroke Pines, party officials said.

And it looks as if we have our answer:

Tallahassee – One day after Florida Democratic officials said they’d defy the national party and press ahead with plans for a Jan. 29 presidential primary, the consequences became a bit clearer.

One early casualty: The state party’s Oct. 26-28 convention in Orlando, which had been expected to draw the entire Democratic presidential field to Walt Disney World. Instead, the candidates likely will be no-shows.

“We’d love to have them,” Florida Democratic spokesman Mark Burbriski said. “But we know it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.”

And thanks to the pledge they signed under pressure from Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina — the only states authorized to hold primaries or caucuses before Feb. 5 — it appears the Democratic presidential candidates will neither campaign nor run commercials in Florida.

Which resulted in:

In addition to the party’s decision today, there also has been talk of a lawsuit challenging the Democratic National Committee’s position because Florida is monitored by the U.S. Justice Department for violations of minority voting rights.

Yeah the Democratic Party is really the answer to all our problems. When will people ever learn that no one particular party is any better than the other, they all have thier own motives and own line of reasoning.

I liken the current political party climate to that of 2 rival high school football teams. Everybody thinks their team is better and will fight tooth and nail to defend it regardless of who won the game this year or last year, or what else has been accomplished or not accomplished along the way by the individual teammates or teams in whole. Nobody wants to get caught dead switching over to the other team lest they be labeled a trader.

It’s that mentality that keeps people from seeing the truth, and voting accordingly.