No article this time just a few simple questions and maybe Nate will update this post with a little more info to give you a better informed idea so that you may comment appropriately…but eh, the questions I would like to ask all of you, and by all means please feel free to comment, is this:

How many debates have there been already, a full year and then some before the actual elections?

How many of those have been Democrat party debates?

How many of those have been Republican party debates?

Do you feel any particular group or media organization is responsible for pushing all these debates on us, or is it the political parties themselves?

How many of you are just as sick and tired of the debates, that have already been run into the ground, as I am?

Please try to answer respectfully and with out party propaganda or pointless rhetoric. Let’s not argue. I would really like to see some productive discussion on this take place and see what you guys/gals think. Discussing who said what, what was stupid and what was smart and who was dodging what question just leads to argument so lets try and avoid those sort of tangents and stay on the topic with the questions at hand. I thank you all in advance for those that choose to participate.

Update by Nate

Well, if you take a moment to visit my handy dandy post on the entire debate schedule, you can see how many we’ve had so far.

There have been 8 Democratic debates to my limited knowledge.

Also, I believe there have been only 6 Republican debates if I’m not missing anything.

The difference in the amount is that the Democrats have catered to Hispanic groups with the Univision Spanish debate and unions with the Chicago Soldier Field debate. They also visited LOGO for a homosexual issues debate.

Republicans have not been so forthcoming to pander to the various interest groups. In fact, the top 4 Republicans even thumbed the evangelical Values Voter debate. LOGO invited them and they declined as well. The Unions did not invite them but they wouldn’t have accepted anyway.

In my opinion it comes down to Democrats being hungrier than ever to win back the presidency thus seeing every debate as a possibility to garner votes. You’ve got all these interest groups, like the unions, who feel they’ve been ignored for 8 years by the executive branch and are seething for some attention. The Republican caucus does not seem as charged, not that they don’t want to win, but they seem to be hesitant at jumping into ever debate thus far. Fred Thompson hasn’t offered more in way of debate publicity either.

However, I believe the next major Republican debate, coming up on October 9th on MSNBC will be popular if Thompson chooses to attend. Ironically the next Republican debate is earlier than that on September 26th hosted by PBS, however, once again top-tier Republican candidates have not said they will attend.