Hillary-care 2008 remix

First the news report:

From CNN:

DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) — Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton announced a $110 billion health care reform plan Monday that would require all Americans to have health insurance.

Clinton unveiled her “American Health Choices Plan,” during a high-profile speech at a hospital in the key campaign state of Iowa, surrounded by supporters, American flags and campaign banners.

I’m cringing with anticipation…

In her plan, Clinton said families would receive tax credits to help pay for coverage. The tax credit would be designed to limit the premiums to a percentage of a family’s income.

Federal subsidies would be provided for those who are not able to afford insurance, and large businesses would be expected to provide or help pay for their employees’ insurance.

Clinton said her plan would not require small businesses to take part, but will offer tax credits to encourage them to do so.

Clinton’s package would also require insurers to provide coverage for anyone who applies for it and would also bar insurance companies from charging people with greater health care costs more for their premiums.

Under Clinton’s plan, Americans would be offered the same health care benefits of private health care plans offered to Congress through the federal employee benefits program as well as a public program similar to Medicare.

Americans satisfied with their current coverage will be allowed to keep it, the Clinton campaign said.

To help pay for the plan, Clinton would also eliminate the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 and limit the amount employers can exclude from taxes for health care benefits paid for those making over $250,000.

Besides raising taxes under the disguise of “rolling back tax credits,” her plan is really quite moderate compared to the flaming John Edwards.

Honestly her plan, and I say this as someone who vehemently opposes socialized health care by any name, is not obscene. Her plan has a hint of reason mixed with some liberal tax raising.

She is playing this quite smart if someone like myself is forced to not tear her plan to shreds. My only question is what Hillary considers “all Americans”? Is that illegal aliens included?

You can read a full summary of Hillary’s plan here.

The bottom line is that her plan is indeed a masquerade for universal health care, it’s just watered down and appears to emphasize less government control.


Political Buzz also has some analysis of her plan.