Giuliani slams Hillary on Iraq, she responds

First, some video on the topic:

From Breitbart:

Republican 2008 White House front-runner Rudolph Giuliani Friday fired a first, biting attack at top Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, accusing her “spewing venom” at America’s commander in Iraq.

In a preview of a possible 2008 general election matchup, the former New York mayor took out a full page-advertisement in the New York Times rebuking Clinton over the unpopular war.

Then he debuted his first Internet advertisement of the campaign, accusing the former first lady of turning her back on US troops, after voting to authorize the war in Iraq in 2002, and now demanding an end to the conflict.

Giuliani took Clinton to task over an advertisement by liberal anti-war group, which ran in the Times earlier this week with a headline of “General Petraeus, or General Betray US?”

To which Hillary responded:

Later Friday, Clinton’s campaign shot back, saying:

“It’s hardly surprising that Mayor Giuliani is running the first negative ad of the ’08 campaign, given his inability to justify his unqualified support for President Bush’s failed Iraq strategy.”

Finally, some fireworks worth discussing! I think it is pathetic that Hillary hasn’t condemned the ad. I also think Giuliani may be trying to take some headlines back from Fred Thompson who has chipped away at his double-digit lead. Seems to me that Rudy may be trying to prove to voters that Thompson’s got nothing and he alone can get down and dirty with Hillary Clinton and take her to task.

This is a lot more entertaining than Democrats bashing Bush or Republicans bashing (though he deserves it) Barack Obama.

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