Extreme Liberalism disgusts me.

I believe I have come to understand what Liberals intend to accomplish…. rather than work WITH people, liberals much rather work AGAINST people. That being the case I have to ask how then can liberals actually be capable of working FOR anyone they represent? This is what’s wrong with the country today. Republicans have their own problems and scandals, but this is absolutely outrageous and ridiculous. Why, I want to know… WHY are these people so hell bent on flagrantly trying to divide the nation? Do they think we don’t see it? Do they think we don’t realize that the stunts they pull aren’t transparent? Such is an example:

Click HERE for the actual ad taken out by Moveon.org

The Story:

WASHINGTON — An strongly-worded advertisement targeting Gen. David Petraeus by the liberal antiwar group MoveOn.org has touched the nerves of Bush administration officials and congressional Republicans.

The full-page ad in The New York Times was timed to appear on the day that Petraeus — the top U.S. military commander in Iraq — gives a seminal report to Congress alongside U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker.

The report, mandated in a troop funding bill earlier this year, is on military and political progress in Iraq since President Bush announced the plan to boost troop levels last January. The officials are expected to argue for maintaining the increased troop levels through the spring, a recommendation hotly contested by war opponents.

“I resent the comments of those who have sat comfortably in their air-conditioned offices, thousands of miles away from the firefights and the roadside bombs, and tried their Washington best in recent days to impugn the general’s good name,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement delivered from the Senate floor on Monday.

My reply would be the same as Mitch McConnell as well as McCain’s:

“This is a man who has devoted his life in service to our nation and has defended America in many battles over many years,” said McCain.

What the HELL is wrong with idiots that feel they need to attack the very men that fight for their rights to be such morons in the first place? Have these people lost their damn minds, had poor education, done to many drugs in the 60’s or what?

The Bottom Line: liberals have forgotten that they are Americans first. They have forgotten that politics come second.

Most importantly they have forgotten that trying to back up a story with purported “facts” from what is generally accepted as liberally biased media, is absolutely retarded, moronic and pointless:

By late morning, MoveOn issued a statement defending the ad’s accuracy.

“We stand by our ad — every major independent study and many major news organizations cast serious doubt on Petraeus’ claims,” said Eli Pariser, executive director MoveOn.org’s political action committee.

Pariser’s challenged lawmakers supporting the war to refute him and cited several news articles in defending the advertisement. He also noted a new Gallup poll out Monday that, he said, shows Americans expect “a biased report that reflects what the Bush administration wants the public to believe.”

So the guy is citing news articles, so called “major independent studies”….nothing in this country is independent, and he quotes major news organizations which we all know are biased in one direction or another? Sounds like his stance is completely baseless to me. What independent studies is he talking about and why aren’t they named? What major news organizations and why aren’t they named other than 2 liberal rags? And as for the polls…somebody forgot to mention to Pariser that the polls also indicate that Congress has a lower approval rating than Bush does. Accusing a report that at the time had yet to be published, of being biased to reflect what Bush wants it to say would be like saying Moveon.org isn’t just saying what THEY want you to think. Moveon.org’s comments are PURELY PROPOGANDA. Petraeus at this time noted that he did not submit his report to anyone, even in the white house, for approval prior to it being handed out in congressional hearings, so theres goes the B.S. that the liberal propaganda of Moveon.org wants you to believe. As a matter of fact Codepink, Moveon.org, and other far left organizations made it a point to disrupt congressional hearings today which wound up in police action and stern comments from congressmen. Democrats can’t even control thier own house, after all they allowed them in to begin with.

The poll, however, also shows that Americans trust Petraeus’ recommendations more than others, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, President Bush and congressional Republicans and Democrats. Sixty-three percent of respondents trusted Petraeus either a great deal or a fair amount; 58 percent rated the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well; 16 percent rated the president in the same terms; and 12 percent rated congressional Democrats as trustworthy.

The Sept. 7-8 telephone poll of 1,028 U.S. adults showed that 53 percent of respondents believe the report will reflect what the Bush administration wants the public to believe, and 40 percent believe it will be “an independent and objective report on the current situation in Iraq.” The poll had a 3 percent margin of error.

1028 people does NOT anywhere NEAR a valid poll make. Regardless of the figures, it’s garbage exactly like that poll figure, that gets ignorant people to believe what they believe. The FACTS are not reported as they should be, media is and always has been politically tainted and used for propaganda purposes, I don’t care what media outlet it is.

People spend entirely too much time RELYING on political propaganda when they should be questioning it. It’s called propaganda for a reason, it’s NOT fact. Does anyone with half a brain honestly think statistics would include or disinclude information based on the direction a shot came from? That’s just preposterous, yet in thier ad, that’s exactly what Moveon.org would have you believe as if they somehow managed to get their hands on the precise information and calculation methods used by the military….yet sadly people will choose to believe it for the simple fact that, that sort of comment made it into print.

I challenge Moveon.org to answer one question:

When did we decide politicians, re-election political propaganda and politics win wars as opposed to hardened military war veteran generals?

Note to Moveon: See Vietnam and the politics involved that made it the catastrophe that it was because we didn’t let our military do it’s job.

See liberal activist “Hanoi Jane” Fonda palming social security numbers from American P.O.W.’s and turning them over to North Vietnamese officials which promptly led the P.O.W.’s having the piss beat out of them for trying to reach out for help.

Wake up and stop believing everything you watch on TV or read in the paper people….DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. Politicians want you to believe what they want you to believe, it’s about re-election, not serving your needs. Having a mind of your own does not require being either a liberal Clintonite or a neo conservative Bush-Bot.

An intelligent mind should know if anything above all else this simple fact:

When Saddam’s statue was toppled, Democrats cringed. When Saddam was caught, Democrats cringed. Only when it came to realization that things in Iraq were going to become more complicated than we had anticipated did the Democrats come out in full force. Why? Because by politicizing a war as an “incorrect and failed” war, it gave them an opportunity to politically seize the upper hand in office. It’s not about facts people, it never was and has been nor ever will be. It’s all about power and re-election and the Democrats were smart enough and opportunistic enough to seize the opportunity rather than work towards a solution. Instead they have spent all their energy towards attempting to turn the American people against the Republican party, hence the reason for the low approval rating of the Democrat led U.S. Congress. They aren’t accomplishing anything. I digress. They have managed to split our very country in two. Now rather than paying attention to facts, we believe political rhetoric and fight amongst ourselves as to who is right and who is wrong, all the while the suits in Washington are merely playing a political version of Monopoly and using our votes to do so.

Note From The Angry American: I do not have anything against either political affiliation, but far extremism in either direction absolutely disgusts me to the point of convulsion. I have friends on both sides of the fence and I am greatful for them, for they haven’t forgotten to be Americans.