Who will the new Bin Laden tape help/hurt?

In my opinion the tape helps Rudy Giuliani the most since his platform is based on fighting terrorism and security. Some people, namely John Kerry, credit Bush’s reelection in 2004 with the release of a Bin Laden tape right before the election.

One might think Barack Obama would gain since he pledged to invade Pakistan, saddle up his boys, and draw a hard line. After catching Bin Laden he will raise up his glass against evil forces singing, “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses“. However, once he released his Pakistan invasion plan it was clear that he was just building an elaborate joke about his own inexperience.

Fred Thompson has taken the opportunity to release a statement:

Senator Fred Thompson made the following remarks while campaigning at the Music Man Square in Mason City, IA:

“Apparently, Osama bin Laden has crawled out of his cave long enough to send another video, and he is getting a lot of attention and ought to be caught and killed.

“We also need to understand that when he is caught and killed, somebody will replace him.

“We like to personalize things in this country, sometimes a little too much. Somebody will replace him. He represents the fact that we are in a global conflict and are going to be for some time.

“The most important part of how we deal with that has to deal with the resolution of the American people and political leaders.”

In direct response to Thompson, John Edwards released the following:

“Fred Thompson said today that Osama bin Laden is ‘more symbolism than anything else’– after the recent National Intelligence Estimate found that Al Qaeda has rebuilt itself to its pre-9/11 strength. Not only has the Republicans’ so-called ‘war on terror’ failed to make us safer, now they’re taking their eye off the ball again.”

“Unlike Senator Thompson, I have offered a bold new counterterrorism policy defined by the principles of strength and cooperation that will actually counter terrorism. The centerpiece of my plan is a new multilateral organization called the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization (CITO) that will unite strength and cooperation to create a new coalition of nations cooperating to root out and shut down terrorist cells.”

“Fred Thompson should know better. Responsible candidates for president talk about real solutions that will make America safer from terrorism. They don’t ignore the fact that George Bush’s policies have only made the threat of terrorism worse.”

Counterterrorism Intelligence Treaty Organization? What the heck is that? We already have countless allies in the war on terror. Who does Edwards want to make a treaty with, Iran?

John McCain also released a lengthy statement:

“The release of the purported bin Laden video starkly reminds us that there is no greater responsibility for a president than to protect America from attack and to command our military forces in a time of war against a barbaric enemy — an enemy plotting every day to kill Americans………………

That’s pretty much all the chatter coming from the ’08 candidates on Bin Laden.