Giuliani unveils disaster plan proposals

From AOL News:

PEARL, Miss. (AP) – Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani called Tuesday for less federal control and more regional training to prepare U.S. communities for terrorist attacks and other disasters.

Visiting Mississippi, portions of which were devastated in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina , Giuliani pledged to prepare every community for such a disaster. And for those caused by man, as well.

“When you’re preparing for a natural disaster, you’re preparing for a terrorist attack,” Giuliani said as he stood before a backdrop of firefighters’ helmets and coats.

To be ready, states and cities need more regional training and coordination and less federal meddling, Giuliani said.

I think Giuliani is loosing steam in his quest to center his campaign solely on terrorism and national security. No doubt, he has a lot of credibility on those issues, however, too many Republican voters want the whole package in the form of more socially conservative views as well. Plus, some of his New York City laws such as gun control are coming back to haunt him with the 2nd amendment crowd in the Republican Party.

Giuliani has sort of dropped off the radar for several weeks as most of the focus was spent on Iowa where he didn’t compete.

However, he remains strong but the impending Thompson announcement may take more steam out of his sails. Time will tell.