Edwards says sacrifice your SUVs

Edwards on SUVs :

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards told a labor group that he would ask Americans to make a big sacrifice: their sport utility vehicles.

“I think Americans are actually willing to sacrifice,” Edwards said Tuesday during a forum held by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. “One of the things they should be asked to do is drive more fuel efficient vehicles.”


Try sacrificing a few thousand square feet of that mansion you own. After all doesn’t conservation start at home?

Update by Nate:

Epitome of hypocrisy:

No need to delve further into the fact that if you look up hypocrite in the dictionary it says “See John Edwards”.

Update by Nate:

Ok, just a little further:

Actually, Edwards isn’t anti-SUV — he seems to be quite consciously avoiding the trap of appearing to demand that Americans drive only Trabants. His spokesman says he drives a hybrid SUV, the Ford Escape, at home in North Carolina, though the AP reported in April that the family has an SUV and a small truck as well.

The man owns SUVs. He owns and drives them yet Americans have to sacrifice them. He reportedly also owns a Chrysler Pacifica which I would like to point out gets the same gas mileage as my Nissan Pathfinder. However, I’m the one who should sacrifice because he’s a wealthy liberal moron.

This is my favorite part:

Edwards spokesman Eric Schultz says they buy carbon offsets for the vehicles

So if you can afford to buy fraudulent carbon credits, you are allowed to drive an SUV. Essentially if you have enough money, you don’t have to sacrifice, you can gorge on all the evil carbons you want to while the rest of us ride the bus.

I have had it up to about 10 feet over my head with John Edwards. He is a fraudulent hypocrite.