McCain Campaign Going Broke?

McCain eligible for public financing

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Republican John McCain, his presidential campaign trying to climb out of dire financial straits, is eligible to receive public financing for his struggling bid, the Federal Election Commission said Tuesday.

The Arizona senator quietly requested authority to receive matching funds on Aug. 10, but his campaign said he has not decided whether he would ultimately accept the money. Doing so would put him at a major financial disadvantage against well-funded rivals Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

Politicians are idiots. Rather than do the right thing and bow out of a contest they can no longer win, instead they try grasping for straws to stay in, by of course, asking for public funding(our tax dollars)….. hopefully he doesn’t accept the funding.

Take a bow John, you’re done.

Update by Nate

Yeah, stick a fork in him, he’s done. He has nobody to blame but himself along with his ridiculous views on immigration (Ted Kennedy) and border security. If he takes the funds to continue he’s only buying a couple more months of life for his campaign. Let it go.