Clinton, Dodd Backed By Unions

Firefighters Union, Transportation Union choose thier candidates:

WASHINGTON – Democrat Chris Dodd has earned the backing of the International Association of Fire Fighters, a major coup for the presidential hopeful, while leading contender Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton secured the endorsement Tuesday of the United Transportation Union.The Dodd endorsement is the more surprising of the two, with the Connecticut senator lagging behind better-known rivals Clinton, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards in the latest polls.

It’s not surprising at all. A Clinton/Dodd ticket is very likely seeing as Clinton and Obama can’t seem to get along regardless of how much Billary would have you believe the Democrats are together on a united front.

Heh, Democratic Party Candidates on a  united front…. 
(I couldn’t sell that garbage to satan for warmth on a cold day in hell.)

Lemme briefly explain:

On one hand you have the Democrats, which are far too busy fighting everyone including themselves to see straight, effectively making both congress and senate ineffective.

On the other you have Republicans dealing with setback after setback trying to restructure and salvage the party all the while jumping like rats from thier own ship, leaving Bush and his presidency ineffective.

Somewhere in the middle you have silent independants that don’t seem to be stirring around much to the point you may have to ocasionaly check them for a pulse.

So my question is…..who is actually representing us?