Gonzales resigns

From the AP…..

CRAWFORD, Texas – Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned, officials said Monday, ending a monthslong standoff with critics who questioned his honesty and competence at the helm of the Justice Department.

Reacting to Monday’s developments, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said that Gonzales’ department had “suffered a severe crisis of leadership that allowed our justice system to be corrupted by political influence.”

You mean like focusing so much attention on pointing a finger at the Whitehouse, and anyone tied to the Whitehouse administration, that Congress has essentially accomplished nothing?

Yeah I would call that a severe crisis of leadership that is corrupted by political influence.

And I don’t even care for Gonzales…. I would have dismissed him over the handling of the border patrol agents, jailed for shooting drug traffickers. But for firing US attorneys? Pfft Talk to Clinton on that one.

Update by Nate:

I concur, it’s about time, mainly over the border agents and other ridiculous issues. He was a terrible choice from the start.

Update by Nate:

Here are some candidate statements:

John Edwards:

“Americans across the country have been calling for months for Alberto Gonzales to resign, and now, the man who oversaw a political purge of U.S. Attorneys at the Justice Department, approved torture techniques at Guantanamo Bay and approved illegal spying on Americans has stepped down — this is a victory for all of us.”

“The truth is Alberto Gonzales should have resigned months ago. While this news is ‘better late than never,’ the fight is far from over. Now is the time for a new direction. Instead of replacing him with another political insider, we need to make sure that President Bush replaces him with someone who is essentially nonpolitical, highly qualified, competent, independent and who will protect our civil liberties and the Constitution. That’s what the Justice Department needs, particularly in the aftermath of Gonzales.”

Barack Obama:

“I have long believed that Alberto Gonzales subverted justice to promote a political agenda, and so I am pleased that he has finally resigned today. The President needs to nominate an Attorney General who will be the people’s lawyer, not the President’s lawyer, and in an Obama Administration that person will first and foremost defend and promote the rights and liberties enshrined in our Constitution,” said Obama.

Joe Biden:

“As I’ve said before, Attorney General Gonzales has lost the confidence of the vast majority of the American people and the Congress. His resignation is long overdue.

“When I voted against Attorney General Gonzales’ confirmation, I voiced concern about his ability to go from being the President’s lawyer to the people’s lawyer. I expressed doubts then about his judgment in light of his track record, and role as an architect of policies attempting to place the President above the law.

“My skepticism was confirmed by his conduct, and his failure to put protecting the American people over protecting the President. The next Attorney General should not make the same mistake.”

Hillary Clinton:

This resignation is long overdue, and so is the appointment of an Attorney General who will put the rule of law and our Constitution above partisan politics.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales took an oath to uphold our Constitution and respect the rule of law, but time and time again, he demonstrated that his loyalties lie with the President and his political agenda, not the American people or the evenhanded and impartial enforcement of our laws. In his actions and inaction, from warantless wiretaps to the firing of U.S. Attorneys, his loyalty was to the President, not the American people……

Hillary’s goes on for like a page if you must read the rest.

Noticeably there are no Republican statements.