Hard evidence that straw polls are meaningless

From AZCentral:

SCOTTSDALE – Democrats in District 8, which covers most of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills, surprisingly chose non-candidate Al Gore as their favorite presidential nominee in a recent straw poll.

Of the announced candidates, John Edwards took the popularity prize with 29 percent of the vote on the second ballot.

More than 40 participants from Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and the Rio Verde foothills took the poll Saturdayat the home of Margaret Hogan, chair of the District 8 Democrats.

Full results:

Gore won the first choice by 51 percent, followed by Edwards with 17 percent, national front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton with 14 percent, Sen. Barack Obama by 9 percent, Sen. Joe Biden by 6 percent and Rep. Dennis Kucinich by 3 percent.

So about half of the 40 participants prefer Gore. That’s like 20 people! This isn’t even meaningful! Yet here I am reporting and commenting on it!

I doubt this 40 person straw poll is a microcosm of the greater Democratic constituency. Still, there are the fringe loons waiting for Gore to ride in on his carbon-free horse and save the Democratic Party and America!